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February 03 2013


January 17 2013


Training on computers

computer trainingComputer training claims to be dedicated in helping educate users on computer-related topics that refer to resources, companies and services. Web-based learning, computer training, virtual education opportunities and digital collaboration are applications and processes that it includes. The uses of computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge is a learning called E-learning. It seems to include media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming computer training video and audio that are self-paced or instructor-led. It appears that internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM are use to deliver such content.

Azuma Learning Computer Training

Every computer training users must use it as a medium to reach a particular goal and be sure to get equipped with basic knowledge in technology. In terms with businesses, the use of computer training accordingly, claims to make them more flexible. However, it might be a hard time for those people who are not computer literate. A lot of computer training services are said to help employees attain job placement or advancement by acquiring computer certification in specific areas which are available in a number of specific fields from vendors like Adobe, Microsoft, Sun and Cisco. Professionals of computer training might assist you in acquiring expertise in a wide array of areas such as software, hardware, database management, programming, networking and other.

As we all know that a big difference in education and businesses can be attained through new technologies. In young generations, kids might under develop their skills, knowledge, and perception of the world under their parents' monitoring and with the use of huge interactivity of new media.

December 12 2012


Computer Training Online

computer trainingComputer Training is training that is delivered via the computer for the purpose of teaching job-relevant knowledge and skills. Online training is a wide-ranging training category that can include text, graphics, and/or animation and be delivered via CD-ROMs, or over the internet. Additionally, online computer training can be either pre-recorded training or live training. Various methods that can be used as a part of computer-based training are Videos, Webinars, Simulations, Tests, Video conferencing, Chat rooms, Blogs, Training DVDs/CD-ROMs, Databases, Smartphone/table applications. Online computer training might be more effective than traditional methods of training because it is said to provide a greater variety of instructional methods that can be tailored to an individual's learning preferences and training needs (ex. text, video, audio, graphics, etc.). As per other benefits, it claims to include greater learner ease, control, flexibility, and immediate feedback. It appears that an instructor is the one who is leading participants through activities can be more self-directed with the instructor or exercises on a step-by-step basis, and seem to there to provide instructions and answer to any questions.

Azuma Learning Computer Training

For employees and college students, online computer training was not found to be any more effective than traditional methods. However younger trainees tended to learn better from traditional methods while older trainees tended to benefit more from online computer training based. The success of a computer training video and program is dependent upon the trainee's ability to use a computer and their attitudes and predisposition towards computer training online.
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